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Printed @ 16:30 05/12/16

Home accompanies the Scottish Brutalism research project at the University of Strathclyde Department of Architecture. It is a work in progress; the ArchiveArticles & Map pages are regularly updated. To be alerted to new posts, follow @scotbrut on twitter or join the mailing list. is purely educational and strictly not for profit.

Despite growing popular interest in – and heritage recognition of – Brutalism, many good buildings continue to face demolition or architecturally damaging alteration. This is, for too many Brutalist post-war buildings, the last moment in which it is possible to record them in anything close to their original state. For many of the best it is already too late.

The Scottish Brutalism research project aims to map, document and critically assess Brutalist architecture across the Strathclyde region of Scotland, UK. Illustrated articles and building studies, periodically published on, demonstrate the quality and variety of Brutalist architecture built across Strathclyde between the late 1950s & early 1980s.

It is hoped that, through this research, more of the best Brutalist architecture in Scotland will be recognised and celebrated, and that this website will promote better understanding if not appreciation of what could be called good ordinary Brutalism. is administered by Ross Brown. Follow him & the Scottish Brutalism research project on twitter or join the mailing list.

Latest Archive Entry

Clydeway Industrial Centre, Glasgow

Jack Holmes & Partners, 1969

Reference: S69-CIC

A multi-storey, megastructural factory & warehouse complex at the extreme western edge of what was the Anderston Cross Comprehensive Development Area.

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